Motif In Natural Circle

The famous architect Antoni Gaudi said:"human beings do not create anything. It is only God that creates and we people only discover".

Inspired by this thought, Flower mountain wants to discover the beauty of the natural world and like Gaudi, seek harmony with nature by designing and making objects that reflect its mystic beauty.

Flower Mountain in fact, finds inspiration in the cycles of the natural world, in Asian and Western tradition and in outdoor life where it is easier to feel and embrace the divine dimension of nature.

Flower MOUNTAIN was born thanks to the encounter of Mr Keisuke Ota from Tokyo and Mr Yang Chao from Beijing, who soon discovered they shared a passion for mountain trekking, music, footwear and more.
Their friendship brought them on trips together to the "Fuji Rock Festival" on Mount Fuji in Japan and to the development of a shoe that was functional, healthy and beautiful with the FM signature to tell this story.

In 2015, together with Fedrica Wang, they first founded the "Dandelion mountaineering associa-tion" and then "Breath Design co. Ltd Tokyo" and started working on their first collection.

Soon after retailers like "Shoes Bar Beijing" and XYZ from Tokyo embraced the project and the public responded with enthusiasm.

In 2016 the team of Breath Design decided to join forces with Shoes Bar and Falc of Civitanova Marche-Italy- to take the project to the next level and bring it to the international markets.
This new team, has also a strong technical and production know how based in Italian tradition, an experienced retail and marketing team and an international distribution network.


Keisuke Ota

太田 圭輔

Born in 1974
Born and raised in Tokyo, has a passion for rock music and Japanese culture. Self taught shoe designer, begins his career in footwear in 2001 and designs many collections for both Japanese and international brands. He is famous for his passion for materials, for his original designs and at-tention to details. K starts working with Yang Chao in 2015 and is cofounder of Breath Design Ltd. Tokyo.

Yang Chao

ヤン チャオ

Born in 1975
He is one of the most outstanding designers in China and cofounder of Flower Mountain.
Based in Beijing, he started footwear design and development in 1998, has been head of design for important Chinese companies and has designed collections for important international brands. In 2015 Yang Chao established Breath Design in Tokyo together with Keisuke Ota to build their Flower Mountain project.