Spring & Summer 2

Koki Taniguchi

PAMPAS is the most important series of Flower Mountain.
Made with the classic plant prints of 19th-century British wallpaper designer William Morris,
is the most important series in the collection.
Each season, the Pampas series have different cultural themes, cross-border cooperation,
and material changes, which are widely praised by consumers all over the world.


The multi-layered overlapping design elements and the fine sewing process depict smooth curves.
Yamano series perfectly demonstrates the understanding of nature and the pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship.
This is the soul of the brand, and it is also the most prominent design features and brand style of Flower Mountain

Disaster series

Series featuring fabric material processed using a special technique.
Fabric with a claw-scratch-like appearance is used over the entire body.
Distinctive series that is arranged in a denim and military theme using original processing.


MOHICAN style shoes, rough flying weave patterns combined with high quality cowhide,
combined with a large number of hand-made craftsmanship,
make Mohican a quaint and charming texture. The sole has good grip,
and it is suitable for many occasions such as mountaineering or outdoor hiking.


Complex overlapping design elements.
Stitch lines that draw smooth curves.
The soul of the brand is put into the intricate details that are inspired by the shapes of nature.
This is a major design characteristic of Flower MOUNTAIN.


CORAX2 series has the characteristics of a sneaker, and rich in details, fine workmanship and
the most popular flying weaving process.
The simple appearance and modern and popular design elements make the Corax very popular in
the European market.


Featuring uppers with mesh as the base material with a stable “honeycomb” structure that can be found in
nature in beehives and tortoise shells as the motif.
With superb elasticity and ventilation, the honeycomb mesh has been developed to provide a contoured fit and comfort.
Sport sandal design combining features of a sandal and sneaker.


The sandal that a newly developed sole and footbed produce a very good feeling of comfort. It is a
sandal that arranges the standard belt design with the unique coloring and essence of Flower mountain.